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A liveSet 2k10 tekno101.83 MB 27.05.12
Wanted - Dead or A-Live(set) tekno43.65 MB 27.05.12
ACAB tekno11.95 MB 27.05.12
Adept-H 2k10 Liveset xtract 1 6 tekno10.78 MB 27.05.12
Alifer - Free Your Mind tekno16.04 MB 15.05.15
Alifer - Inspire tekno11.75 MB 15.05.15
Alkali tekno12.21 MB 28.09.13
AnotherCreepyIndustrialDancer tekno11.45 MB 19.08.13
Back to the Roots tekno13.94 MB 27.05.12
Break Your Cage Open Acid Tribecore12.21 MB 31.10.13
cetzA tekno12.14 MB 27.05.12
Chandra tekno13.23 MB 19.06.14
Depth Charge Aliencore tekno12.46 MB 27.05.12
Domina ElectroniKa tekno14.83 MB 27.05.12
Echoillogical - 2k10 Liveset xtract 1 9 tekno18.68 MB 27.05.12
Eklektric Mandaela elektro11.65 MB 27.05.12
I Am the Devil tekno12.82 MB 27.05.12
If You Know Me You Are Mad tekno11.45 MB 27.05.12
Lets Get This Party Started tekno12.01 MB 27.05.12
Live in My Nightmare Tribe Psycore12.82 MB 27.05.12
Ludocracy (live xtract) tekno11.64 MB 27.05.12
Melodicore (2k10 Liveset xtract 1 14) tekno13.31 MB 27.05.12
MindFlayer tekno12.94 MB 27.05.12
Misfit tekno13.6 MB 27.05.12
Network tekno13.28 MB 19.06.14
NoOne Shall Sleep (live xtract) tekno5.02 MB 27.05.12
One and Only 2k10 Liveset xtract 1 11 tekno13.04 MB 27.05.12
Over the Edge 2k10 Liveset xtract 1 10 tekno15.14 MB 27.05.12
Planet Funk - Who Said Alifer RMX tekno11.26 MB 02.10.12
Purity Flow 2k10 Liveset xtract 1 8 tekno13.02 MB 27.05.12
Rabid ReCoded tekno11.91 MB 27.05.12
reMed - Paraverse tekno12.92 MB 27.05.12
reMed - Tribal Evolution tekno24.28 MB 27.05.12
Repress This tekno12.73 MB 27.05.12
Requiem for a Trip tekno12.42 MB 27.05.12
Ritual ReCoded tekno15.5 MB 27.05.12
Sabbath in the woods 2k10 Liveset xtract 1 13 tekno12.6 MB 27.05.12
Sleep Is For The Weak tekno12.21 MB 17.10.13
Speaking with the Bass tekno17.74 MB 27.05.12
Synthology tekno12.92 MB 27.05.12
Tekno Ballad ReCoded tekno14.73 MB 27.05.12
The Core of Your Tribe (Sonne) tekno7.69 MB 19.06.14
There s no tomorrow d&b13.86 MB 27.05.12
Tribal Kingdom 2k10 Liveset xtract 2 1 tekno14.2 MB 27.05.12
Tumble in the Jungle tekno4.64 MB 27.05.12
Unexpected liveset xtract tekno13.28 MB 27.05.12
Welcome to Tibet tekno16.04 MB 27.05.12
Where Do You Think You Are tekno13.02 MB 22.06.13
z3no tekno15.38 MB 27.05.12


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Arka (guest): Thx for music ! It's best !
tekk_t-p (guest): your tracks are the best what i´ve ever heard and all of my friends give me the same comment when they´re listening to your music, you must come to germany, maybe in the near of berlin, we want to feel your music live!!!
west (guest): yes i know, but i have to klokočov cca 500 km, its too long way:(, but i want listen to you music... will you at some other party in CZ over the spring or summer? thx
Alifer: hey west..! :) i was in CZ a couple of months ago and i will be there again with my crew and SCM for shot down the witch 4 :p
west (guest): Hi, can you sometimes arrive to Czech Republic?? To PLZEŇ or praha??
Melodies in your tracks are best!!! i love it! If you arrive, you make delight many people:)
Alifer: Thx Porcud..! I don't mind at all..! I'd be glad if you play my stuff @ your parties :D big up!
Porcud: Awesome music man , do you mind if i play some on party's ?
Alifer: thanks b_acid!!! :))) big up..!
b.acid_live (guest): Yooo you very nice! lots of intresting music. peace ;)
skab: bellaa alifer!!! yoo
Alifer:  Thx mate..!
HeLiX: good sound ! ! !
Alifer:  thx man!!!
Van der Wiese: awesome tracks man! +++